About Us
Allen Shaw

CBM INTERNATIONAL TRADING UK develops and produces high-quality concepts customised to clients' preferences in coloured cosmetics, lifestyle care, fragrances, skin care, hair care, chocolate, beverages, beer and whisky, alcohol, baby formula and washing detergents.

Our growing global export business has serviced over 70 countries from our West Horsley, UNITED KINGDOM headquarters. Through contracts with reliable Cosmetics manufacturing companies , we have a positive service attitude to solving difficult supply problems, offering products ranging from controlled, licensed Cosmetics products to tablets, capsules, ampoules, solutions, creams and ointments, We can supply in small and huge volume quantities, customized packing and many pack sizes not easily obtained elsewhere. 


following the premium, high-end and niche brands, watching trends, checking stores, etc.


so it becomes clear which ingredients, claims and technologies are used to produce the innovation.


Innovations into customised product concepts for its clients – and its clients’ clients. CBM INTERNATIONAL TRADING UK creates its concepts for retail chains and other generic and premium brands in a wide range of sectors (in the UK and internationally), making our innovative cosmetics and fragrance products accessible to a larger audience.

A policy of waste reduction and care for the environment is reinforced through working with approved Manufacturers who demonstrate appropriate waste minimization standards and process control. 

The quality and cosmetological functionality of its products are vital important , so Mondial constantley maintains and updates its standards of quality. Mondial is ISO, BRC, GMP and BSCI certified.